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Collect It, Pump It, Filter It, Drink It, Taste It!

When it comes to water, you’ll find just about everything you will need right here at The Watershed.


We are New Zealand's leading supplier of complete household, commercial and farm water solutions. From collecting water, to pumping and filtering water - we have quality products and solutions to meet all your water requirements.

We care about the quality of your water and that's why we're passionate about providing you with access to the best products at affordable prices.  Unlike other water solution providers, our products are sourced only from proven manufacturers in New Zealand, Europe, the US, Canada and Australia who meet New Zealand's FSA standards.

When you buy products from The Watershed, you can be confident that you're buying quality products, guarenteed to last. 

We also package deals as shown below, call for a no obligation free quote today 0800 769 6125 or email us here.

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